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What should you do if you need product development for your business? And how will you know an ideal Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product development company to work with?

At Rio IT, as part of our software development services, we offer tailored product development to suit the individual needs of your organisation.

Plus, our business first approach to IT means we’re always considering the commercial reality of any software project as well as the technical requirements.

Currently, we’re working on some exciting projects with customers where we’re building SaaS products to solve the right problems, thereby creating valuable solutions to our customers.

Our SaaS Product Development Services

We work with a number of businesses, of numerous statures, from the likes of start-up businesses with secured funding, to more established companies looking to launch a new product. Here’s what we can do for you;

  • check_circle

    Define and Build an MVP

    We can help you to define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and build it with a pragmatic approach that balances the need to get something to market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible whilst trying to avoid too much refactoring in the future.

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    Develop New Features

    Once your business idea has some traction, we can aid you in developing new features. Our decades of experience will be utilised to identify the optimal way to get these new features in front of users so that feedback can be gathered, and functionality developed further in response. We can also devise A/B testing strategies where it makes sense to do so.

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    Solve Scaling Problems

    Many companies make the mistake of solving scaling problems that they don’t yet have. Whilst some capacity planning should be done, we can help to keep your infrastructure one step ahead of user demand. As AWS partners, we can deploy cloud solutions that scale as your business scales and avoid spending more than you need to

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    Refresh Existing Products

    We can also refresh existing products that may be starting to show their age, helping customers to maximise the return on the investment made so far, whilst working towards a platform that can meet or exceed today’s expectations and be adaptable for tomorrow’s.

Data AnalyticsAsk any business and you’ll find that just like you, data analysis is a major part of their operations. Such insight can help to resolve many common business challenges, from; preserving positive cash flow, reducing risk, and simply keeping up with the rate of business change.

With the efficient and effective use of data, you can take the guesswork out of your business development activities and gain a better insight into your business performance.

Did you know that an average of 80% of a company’s data is either duplicate, surplus, outdated or insignificant? At Rio IT, we can help you to transform your unstructured data into actionable, cost-saving insights.

Need Help Maintaining your Data Management Capability?

Challenges Solutions
With multiple channels to capture data, you’re likely to collect duplicate information Rio IT recognise that handling data can be testing and can help to eliminate duplication
Add to the mix the difficulty of creating a visual representation of data that’s understandable to an audience Rio IT can help to format captured data in a clear and logical way
Furthermore, as data grows in volume each day, you’ll need a scalable system equipped with the architecture and technology that can support your data analytics processes. Rio IT can offer you this very system with our cloud capabilities. As AWS partners, we can build scalable storage and data processing solutions to help support your data analytics.

Software Project RescueTake into consideration some of the legacy system challenges larger companies have to face… It’s estimated that up to 75% of the IT budgets of well-established banks and insurance companies in the UK are consumed maintaining applications and existing systems. Quite frankly… That’s a lot!

In comparison, getting the support you require for your existing software – given the scale of your business – is somewhat insignificant, particularly when such a situation is so frequent in today’s business operations, making searching for a software takeover provider relatively easy.

At Rio IT, we understand that you may have a significantly important asset with no-one to support it, but that’s where we can help.

How Rio IT Can Take Over the Development of your Software

Whether you’ve fallen out of love with your previous software provider, perhaps you are less than happy with the software they are delivering, your legacy system is costing too much to maintain, or you’re facing an uncertain future with your current supplier, our experts at Rio IT can help.

By selecting us as your software takeover provider, it then becomes our job to;

  • check_circleTake over your course code
  • check_circleFix any bugs
  • check_circleAdd additional components that are missing
  • check_circleCarry on the project if it was never finished by the previous provider

ERP Software DevelopmentThe only part of your IT capability which really adds direct value to your business is your software set. But, is it providing ROI? And is it making you as efficient as possible?

With easy and timely accessibility of information it’s easier to enhance the growth and efficiency of your enterprise. That’s where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can assist.

A typical ERP software integrates the data and processes of your organisation into a single unified system. It’s designed to automate different department operations, such as; product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, into one single database.

When it comes to meeting the unique requirements of your business however, adopting off-the-shelf ERP software that’s able to tick all the boxes is near impossible. So, what’s the solution?

Aligning your IT Capability with your Business Objectives

Enterprise applications are essential to your business, but in order to get the functionality you need to support your business processes, customisation is a must.

Unlike off-the-shelf software, custom ERP software is developed based on the unique operations of your company.

At Rio IT, we understand that your IT capability must be perfectly aligned with your business objectives. That’s why we ensure that the combined ERP software in use within your business helps to support your business strategy, so that together, they can deliver the results you expect.

A member of our programming team will work with you to design an ERP system to your precise requirements, similar to the way a tailor would measure a patron when producing a bespoke suit.

Software DevelopmentMeeting a need is the most common reason for businesses choosing to buy or build software… Needs tend to arise from problems, and problems are often opportunities in disguise. Whether it be an opportunity to gain a better insight to your business, to supply a better service, to gain new customers or to make more money.

Such problems can often only be resolved by using specific software solutions, due to each project being as unique as the business that requires it.

That’s why Rio IT has established a tried and tested process for delivering software development projects which we tailor to your project’s specific requirements.

Our experienced software development team have learned that, regardless of the length or scale of the project, this is the most effective way of providing our clients with the best business solution whilst remaining respectful of cost and time

Rio’s Hybrid Model; Waterfall and Agile Software Development

Rio’s hybrid model takes the flexibility of agile development and pairs it with the analysis and planning of waterfall.

By using a hybrid of waterfall and agile methodologies, we van pride ourselves on keeping project admin time and thus cost to a minimum without compromising communication, quality or delivery.

By hybridising the two, we ensure that we’ve properly understood the scope of the project, as well as the business and people that will use it.

This also allows us to document the requirements, which in turn allow for detailed cost and timescale estimates to be produced.

From which, priorities can be determined to ensure that the business’s key objectives are tackled as soon as possible whilst ensuring that all the work fits within the ‘bigger picture’.

Web AppsA lot of mobile apps are nothing more than a means to deliver website content. But at Rio IT, the mobile apps we develop can be field specific, and include the likes of staff databases, auto-fill forms, and collaborative tools, making them ideal for internal business use, and non-generic to suit your specific business needs.

Breaking Down Communication Barriers

Mobile apps can provide a great number of advantages, from reaching and engaging each one of your employees, to simplifying complex systems, and from working offline with the added benefit of running with little to no internet connection, to enhanced functionality on-the-go.

If you’re struggling with any of the following challenges, you’ll find our in-house developers can offer an experienced and personalised mobile app service that can help:

  • check_circleExperiencing low productivity levels
  • check_circleUnable to communicate effectively with your customers, suppliers or field staff
  • check_circleHaving trouble providing a user-friendly service
  • check_circleExperiencing connectivity restrictions

Enriching your Service Delivery

Creating a mobile app can have a massive impact on your business, for instance providing self-service apps that allow your customers, suppliers and your workforce to update their details, fill out forms, amend databases etc. with use of collaborative tools, giving them a hassle and delay-free experience.

Web applications have become an increasingly important tool for business. At Rio IT, our developers work to create web applications that deliver a secure user experience at a competitive price, enabling you with the likes of field specific apps, ideal for internal use.

Developed using .Net Core or Framework, our web applications can run on-premise or on cloud-based infrastructure and can be opened on a desktop, laptop or mobile device via your preferred web browser.

How Can your Business Benefit from a Web App?

At Rio IT, our web applications offer a great number of advantages, from improved efficiency to 24/7 accessibility, and higher levels of security to custom web apps built to suit your specific business needs (as opposed to off-the-shelf software).

In other words, our web apps provide a completely flexible and scalable solution, in fact our largest project in active development has over 400 screens.

Common Problems Web Apps Can Help to Fix

Our in-house developers can offer an experienced web app development service to help combat common business challenges, such as:

  • check_circlePoor communication with clients
  • check_circleLack of collaboration with employees
  • check_circleUnsecured storage of data
  • check_circleDifficulty sharing data with management


Are you tired of unreliable, expensive and poor quality telephony?

We can design and install a phone system based on your requirements using a range of different technologies to deliver the most cost effective solution for your business needs.

VOIP (Voice Over IP) / Telephone Systems

  • check_circleLower costs, by moving all your communications – voice and data – to a single manageable network.
  • check_circleIf you have a fast internet connection you can take advantage of the crystal clear quality of HD calls.

ISDN and Analogue Lines

  • check_circleReliable lines if VOIP is not a possibility at your location

Managed Phone Systems

  • check_circleCloud-based and on-site managed and monitored phone systems
  • check_circleAdd and tie multiple locations together, transfer calls
  • check_circleUse business numbers to call and text from your smartphone
  • check_circleUse any device including smartphones, tablets, computers, and desk phones

Video Conferencing

  • check_circleCollaborate more easily without needing to travel, and be able to see people’s body language

Web Hosting

Business-grade web hosting

Shared web hosting is often unreliable and insecure, making it unsuitable for the hosting of professional business websites.
We offer dedicated web hosting which is competitive, fast and secure. For larger or international websites, we can offer load balancing across multiple web servers, in multiple geographic locations, ensuring your website runs smoothly no matter how many or where your customers are accessing it from.

DNS Management

  • check_circleManage DNS records for your domain, e.g. ensuring email gets delivered and your website remains online.

Domain names

  • check_circleWe can procure and provision domain names for your business to ensure you have ownership of all web addresses relevant to your brand. E.g., .com, .ie, .au, .ca


Mobile Device Management Software

Allows your workforce to use mobile devices while ensuring security and other company policies are enforced.

Our mobile device management software offers key features such as:

  • check_circleDelivering software
  • check_circleAllows you to standardise apps (so users can’t install/uninstall apps)
  • check_circleTrack devices – to help prevent loss and theft
  • check_circleRemotely wipe data – in case lost or stolen
  • check_circleApply policies
  • check_circleEncrypt documents
  • check_circleAudit trail of applications used, who accessed files, when, where and what

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