Cloud Migration Case Study

Infrastructure Migration for Leading Essex Law Firm

About Fisher Jones Greenwood Solicitors

As the winner of The Law Society’s 2016 national ‘Technology Excellence Award’, Fisher Jones Greenwood are a law firm who know how to use technology to their advantage.
Based in Essex and Central London, Fisher Jones Greenwood are an award-winning and innovative law firm, passionate about providing their clients with the highest level of customer service and legal advice.


  • Name: Fisher Jones Greenwood Solicitors
  • Size: 50-100

The Challenge

The existing in house infrastructure was comprised of over 20 servers of
varying age and specification, split across two small data center sites to provide resilience and redundancy.
Storage and other supporting infrastructure was again a mixed bag of capabilities.

Overall, the environment was starting to show stress signs relating to
performance, reliability and options for rapid recovery, due to the unplanned manner in which it had grown.

A major review of capability and a system upgrade was required, and various options were examined across in house replacement, hybrid solutions across
cloud and in house, private cloud deployment and outsourcing to specialist legal service infrastructure providers.

The Solution

After review of current and longer-term business requirements, a number of
basic viable options were identified.
After a considered design review of these options, it came down to two specific options – either a hybrid solution with a mix of local and public cloud services,
or a complete IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) migration.

These two options were fully reviewed and costed. It quickly became clear that a full IaaS migration would avoid a lot of the design compromises associated with a hybrid deployment.

The decision was made to deploy an AWS solution capable of handling the demands of over 180 intensive users.
Every part of the existing IT environment was challenged to determine its business fit and value, its life cycle position and its future return on investment.



Servers, storage, networking and overall computer capacity are constantly being refactored and adjusted to align tightly with the business needs during a phased project approach.


Even if the office was destroyed, Fisher Jones Greenwood would be able to continue with business as usual, with rapid recovery of IT infrastructure and data in the cloud.


In a traditional local infrastructure, the  infrastructure would have taken months to procure and deploy; and the business needs would have had to be shoe-horned into what was purchased regardless of fit.

Actions Taken

  • Improved Cloud Structure
  • Completed Recovery Tasks
  • New Infrastructure fitted

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