Solving Your Business Challenges

Getting back to basics, understanding your problems, in order to create the right IT solutions

Problem Solving Workshops to find the answers you need

At the heart of our IT Support and Software Development offerings is our commitment to helping you be better at what you do. We can help you work through the difficult business problems in a facilitated workshop, enabling you to find the best solutions yourself. This prevents you from jumping straight to a solution, before fully understanding the underlying issues. This approach can save much time and expense in the long run.  It’s not always about spending money on tech or developing something new to solve a problem. Often, a small   change in the way you do things can have a huge influence in helping you be better at what you do. 

What business challenges do you need help with?

Our team of experienced consultants will run problem solving workshops with your stakeholders, to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business problems. How big are they? How often do they occur? What impact do they have on the business as a whole? This approach ensures that the right questions get asked to find clear, simple solutions.

We can advise if it’s a technology or process change solution that is needed. We offer light touch support or provide full end-to-end support depending on your needs.  If there are gaps in your resources, we can fill them, offering expert support to help you find and buy the right tech or build it. With the Rio Way, you feel supported, following proven industry-standard methods to implement the new tech successfully. We’ll help you make it a success, and achieve your business goals.

IT Sourcing & Implementation

Make the best software and systems choices to manage your business data securely, streamline processes, and achieve cost savings.

Digital Transformation

Develop a clear digital transformation strategy that your people can embrace.

Efficient Secure Working

Enable remote access for productivity and flexibility while ensuring data security.

Business Continuity

Ensure resilience,minimise downtime and protect your assets.

Compliance Services

Ease the burden of PCI DSS and GDPR compliance.

Cloud Migration

Move to the cloud to reduce costs and issues associated with hardware.

Business Process Reengineering

Improve efficiency, productivity and satisfaction for customers and employees.


Build confidence in your IT functions

Talk to Rio about how we can support you to identify, implement and manage your technology infrastructure and software stack in order to overcome challenges, optimise performance and help your business grow.