24/7 Security Operations Centre

Round the clock monitoring and detection of security breaches, and immediate response and remediation.

Identify, neutralize and counter threats with SpearTip.

With legacy anti-virus tool sets, threats can live on your system for an average of 212 days before they’re detected. Roughly 37% of all small and mid-sized businesses experienced a ransomware attack in the last year, and there is no sign of that slowing down.

Often, cybercriminals will target businesses during ‘off-hours’ – overnight, weekends, and holidays account for nearly 75% of all cyberattacks. They do this because security teams are often under-staffed or out of the office during these times.

Why choose Rio?

With Rio’s comprehensive security tool powered by SpearTip, including a 24/7 Security Operations Centre and next-gen antivirus, you can focus on your core IT objectives while gaining industry-leading round-the-clock protection against the malicious threats of today and those you can expect in the future.

Rio’s 24/7 Security Operations centre works in 3 ways


Identify matches logs from various platforms, devices, and systems across your IT environment with comprehensive data collected by the ShadowSpear Platform, identifying threats almost instantly.


Advanced prevention technology that provides defense against advanced persistent threats, including ransomware.

Upon deployment, the Neutralise module sits in the shadows waiting for malware, ransomware or other cyberthreats to strike, recognizing malicious activity, and neutralizing the threat. It equips your business with next-gen antivirus and enterprise detection and response (EDR) capabilities powered 24/7/365 by cyber professionals.


Immediately take action on any host within an environment. The access enables SpearTip’s Security Operations Centres or an internal team to act at any time if the environment comes under attack. This level of access provides the ability to completely remediate attacks with response actions that ensure forensic collection and full remediation.

Keep your business protected round the clock with a 24/7 security operations centre from Rio


Keep your business protected from cyber attacks, data loss and theft with robust security measures from Rio.

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