IT Sourcing, Tender Support Services, and Guided Implementation

Strategic decision making to help your business grow

Expert support choosing the right software and systems for your business

At Rio, we know that having an effective IT sourcing strategy allows you to make sure your business needs are met. As a smaller software company, Rio can provide a more personalised experience. Larger companies have layers of ‘red tape’ which can hinder direct communication with the software creators. In a smaller setting, you interact with the individuals behind the product, leading to tailored solutions and direct support in case of issues.

Why Choose Rio?

It may be that you have seen a product demonstrated and think it is the ideal product for you, but by restricting your tender, gearing to one product only, how do you know you are not missing out on something even more suitable? Plus by limiting yourself to one product, you may not be getting the best deal financially.

With Rio as your strategic IT partner, we have the experience and expertise to help you understand what you really need, not just what you think you want; by leveraging proven data-driven strategies we can help you select the best software and systems for your business. Once your choice has been made, our consultants at Rio can also ensure a smooth implementation and operation once the decision is made, if requested.

We understand that managing your tender process can feel overwhelming, especially without the right internal expertise or resources. Our tender support services are designed to ensure a thorough and precise tender, enabling you to attract top bids.

We offer assistance with:

  • Providing external resource to focus on critical tasks
  • Understanding the problem you’re trying to solve
  • Defining scoring criteria and asking pertinent questions
  • Crafting clear tender pack documentation
  • Benchmarking against the marketplace, and ensuring compliance
  • Providing market insights for tenders
  • Assisting with supplier transitions

Achieve your business goals with strategic support and guidance.

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