Software Consultancy

Leverage the right software solutions to help your business grow.

Whether it’s bespoke or off-the-shelf, make sure your software is the right fit for your business.

The right software solution can help your business to grow; improving RoI and efficiency, while scaling with you. Our software consultancy service is designed to make sure the software you choose is the right fit for your business.

Rio’s qualified business analysts are multi-skilled, with experience in a multitude of industries, from the legal and public sectors, to fashion and manufacturing. They know the right questions to ask to get to the heart of your problems, and find the most effective solutions.

Software Consultancy services from Rio include:

Business Process Analysis

Auditing your business processes and planning improvements with software-only changes. This can include workflow automation, facilitating collaboration within internal and external teams, and increased visibility into process performance, providing sight of possible efficiency savings.

Software Modernisation

Helping you to plan a gradual transition to more modern technologies, without disrupting critical business operations. We have the skills and experience to support implementation of bespoke or out of the box solutions. Supporting change management, training and adoption measures as standard.

Team Augmentation

Providing staff resources to complete the required skillset of any specific projects within your internal development team.

Software Development Consulting

Helping you to work out the software solutions to cover your business needs. Our business analysts can help you with requirements exercises, supporting the creation of a solid functional specification, which in turn can be brought to life by our skilled software developers.

Software Selection

Using high level requirements elicited from conversations with your key stakeholders, Rio can provide support with your tender applications. We can also provide informed guidance for evaluating software vendors and pricing plans to match your specific requirements, and providing a software comparison summary pointing to the best-suited candidates.


Rio business analysts are trained to carry out a variety of workshops including Kaizen Workshops and ‘Retrain Your Brain’ Workshops


Whether it’s bespoke or off-the-shelf, make sure you have the right software to achieve your business goals.

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