Utilise a telephony experience that includes Microsoft 365 integration and live chat

A good communications system lets you handle calls quickly and effectively, collaborate with colleagues and provide great customer service.

At Rio we help businesses design and implement hosted VoIP systems based on their business needs.

We’ll take care of everything from creating a specification that fits your business, to providing the hardware, setting it up and teaching your users how to use it.

Hosted VoIP from Rio include:

Microsoft 365 Integration

Automatically create new extensions when you add users to Microsoft 365, allow users to sign in with their Microsoft credentials, sync all of your Outlook contacts, sync calendar entries to automatically update your status and back up call recordings to sharepoint.

Menu Based IVR

Create a menu-based IVR system to help point callers in the right direction.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Desktop and mobile apps, making it easy for your employees to work from anywhere there is an internet connection.


Scheduled off-time, so your phones won’t ring when your office is closed.

Live Chat

Integrated live chat for your website, making it easy to talk to customers in the moment, and even easier to switch to a voice call.


Work with a reliable IT support provider who cares about your business just as much as you do.

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