DNS & Web Filtering

Block access to compromised and unauthorised websites and monitor online activity

Secure Web Access, Filtering and DNS Protection from Rio

Prevent access to malicious websites, enforce company use policies and monitor web usage with DNS protection and web filtering from Rio.

Your employees will likely use the internet every day for their daily roles and tasks. By implementing DNS and web filtering you can make sure they’re only visiting safe and approved websites.

DNS Protection from Rio includes:

Malicious Website Blocking

Blocking of websites that are compromised with malware or malicious scripts.

Phishing Website Blocking

Blocking of websites that have been identified as phishing.

Custom Website Blocking

Blocking of websites via their content type, using preset categories that identifies 99% of public websites.

Application Blocking

Blocking of unauthorised web applications such as online storage, peer-to-peer and streaming content software

Role Based Blocking

Setting up multiple policies, so you can choose what to block based on department/job role in order to ensure your employees can still do their jobs while keeping your business protected.

Ad Blocking

Online ad blocking to speed up internet browsing and reduce your attack surface.

Web Usage Monitoring

Monitoring of web usage, by device and by user.

Website Tracking

Tracking of websites regardless of the browser being used.

Take control of your users’ web browsing today


Keep your business protected from cyber attacks, data loss and theft with robust security measures from Rio.

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