Fully Managed IT Support

Reliable IT Support and Robust Security for a fixed monthly fee.

Reliable and Knowledgeable Fully Managed IT Support

Get a knowledgeable IT team on your side to ensure system, software resilience and security, all within your IT budget. Rio’s robust, reliable IT support and security package is designed to keep your business protected and your software and systems running smoothly. Have the confidence to rely on your technology to never let you down, so your employees can deliver the best experience your customers have come to trust and expect from you.

As standard, fully managed IT support from Rio includes:

Unlimited helpdesk support

Rio’s trained engineers are available 8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday. All issues will be attempted to be resolved remotely at first, however site visits are also included as part of the package.

Email Backup from Datto

All data stored in emails, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and OneDrive are backed up externally. Microsoft operates a shared responsibility model, which states they have no responsibility to protect your data. Find out more about email backups.

Email Security from Avanan

Rio operates a patented security solution that is designed to work inside Outlook, Teams, Sharepoint and OneDrive to keep your data protected. Find out more about email security.

Software and Systems Monitoring and Management

Rio will take care of monitoring and managing your software packages*, ensuring they are kept up to date, and any flaws are identified and remediated before you know there’s a problem. Find out more about software and systems monitoring.

Policy Management

Enforce policies whether your users are in the office or located on the other side of the world with Rio’s policy management tool.

Zero-Trust Endpoint Protection by Threatlocker

Lock down your hardware and software with zero-trust endpoint protection, to help mitigate the risks of cyber attack or data theft. Find out more about zero-trust endpoint protection.

uSecure User Training

Train your users on the cyber threats they may face, monitor the dark web for data leaks and utilise simulated phishing attacks to identify weak points in your security. Find out more about uSecure user training.

Antivirus Protection and 24/7 Security Operations Centre

Antivirus protection with a robust, comprehensive database of threats to ensure that if anything manages to Slip through your other defenses it will still be caught before infecting your network. Find out more about our 24/7 security operations centre.

Easy, transparent Switchover to Rio, your new IT partner

We’ll take care of the switchover from any existing support providers, and set out a clear roadmap, so you know exactly what to expect and when. While each onboarding process is as unique as the businesses we work with, you can expect Rio to:

Conduct a site visit to document your existing setup

This includes you hardware, software, and building layout.

Analyse your IT environment

We’ll take stock of your current cybersecurity measures, and work to understand the challenges you’re currently facing.

Document everything, for clarity and understanding

This then becomes your “business as usual” state, and states this is the minimum state we need to keep your business running at.

Assign a Lead Technical Engineer

Your Lead Technical Engineer is the person in charge of making sure your day-to-day running is smooth, and issues are resolved quickly.


Work with a reliable IT support provider who cares about your business just as much as you do.

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