AI Powered Email Security

Secure your emails, and protect the data you have stored in the cloud

Whether you’re using Google Workspace, or Microsoft 365, keep your information protected with email and data security.

Over half of all emails are classified as spam, and the cost of business email compromise is rising. Email security from Rio protects all your emails, whether they come from an internal or external source, conducts regular scans on your inbox (including email stored on cloud servers), and works alongside GMail and Microsoft’s built-in filters, to pick up anything your mail server may have missed.

Powerful AI learns from a database of over 6000 users, allowing our email protection to pick up on new threats instantly. Machine learning is based on your environment, so attacks specific to your business can be quickly picked up and neutralised. Our AI powered email security is trained to operate after Google and Microsoft’s built in security meaning we pick up threats that might be otherwise missed.

As well as scanning your emails, Rio’s email security solution can also check for and remove suspicious links and malicious files in Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and Google Drive.

Rio’s AI powered email and data security features:

Comprehensive Database

A comprehensive database of known threats, making identification and removal of suspicious links quick and easy.

Cloud Data Protection

Scanning and protection of data stored in the Cloud.

Constant Reviews and Updates

Constant reviews and updates to the threat database mean suspicious links can be removed retroactively.

Quarantine Reports

Quarantine reports allow selected users to review threats removed from inboxes.

Powerful AI

Powerful AI and machine learning pick up threats and patterns instantly.


Keep your business protected from cyber attacks, data loss and theft with robust security measures from Rio.

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