Vulnerability Management

Whether it’s a vulnerability in an application or a change in your Active Directory, discover them before they have an impact.

Detect Vulnerabilities and Changes Early

Unlock unparallelled visibility for maximum security. Whether it’s on-demand or an ongoing automated process, vulnerability management from Rio includes scans that comprehensively assess hardware, software, and networks, covering everything from internet-facing vulnerabilities to open ports and exposed systems. Benefit from our expertly curated vulnerabilities, which significantly minimise false positives.

Rio can help to effortlessly organise and prioritise every element, guaranteeing that you are aware of what requires your immediate attention. Activate vulnerability remediation effortlessly and with minimal hassle, courtesy of the comprehensive insights provided.

Vulnerability Management from Rio includes:

Asset Discovery

Protocols to discover and probe network assets. This is useful to maintain a central asset repository and helps reduce risks and shadow IT.

External IP Scans

External scans show network weaknesses that could lead to a potential incident. External scans help detect open ports, protocols, and named vulnerabilities in public-facing network equipment such as web servers and firewalls.

Active Directory Assessments

Users regularly inadvertently install unauthorized applications or uninstall applications mandated by corporate policy. The disparate set of applications makes it difficult for a security practitioner to manage application vulnerabilities. Our vulnerability management includes an application baseline scan to detect anomalies

Vulnerability Detection

Detects vulnerabilities in end-user devices like laptops and desktops as well as in network infrastructure, including servers, virtual machines, routers, access points, firewalls, printers, and more.

Compliance Scans

Scanning your IT infrastructure for common cybersecurity compliance standards. Includes:

  • NIST 800-53
  • NIST 800-171
  • CIS 8.0
  • ISO 27002
  • Cyber Essentials
  • Essential Eight

Vulnerability Management is available as part of our Fully Managed IT Support service.


Keep your business protected from cyber attacks, data loss and theft with robust security measures from Rio.

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