Zero Trust Endpoint Protection

Block everything except approved business applications

Stop unauthorised applications from running and restrict data copying to keep your business protected.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and you need a cybersecurity solution that can keep up. Zero-trust security works alongside your antivirus to ensure users cannot run unauthorised applications on company devices, restrict data being copied to external devices and remove admin privileges, providing peace of mind that your devices are secure. 

Adopt a zero-trust approach to security and get full visibility of all the applications your users are running, allowing you to enforce policies on applications that are allowed to run on company devices. Users will be blocked from running any programs they download.

Zero Trust Endpoint Protection from Rio includes:


Deny all applications, other than those explicitly allowed. This means untrusted software, including malware or ransomware, is denied by default.


Control what applications can do once they’re allowed to run. By limiting what applications can do, we can reduce the likelihood of an exploit being successful, or of an attacker exploiting a legitimate tool.

Elevation Control

Users don’t have admin privileges on their devices. Instead, applications are granted admin privileges to perform specific tasks such as performing updates.

Storage Control

Provide policy control over storage devices, whether it’s a local folder, network share or an external storage device such as a USB hard drive. Prevent sensitive data from being copied onto external devices, and audit all storage access across your network, to protect your company information.

Network Control

Restrict applications from accessing certain ports on your network, or automatically open or close ports depending on the location of a device.


Keep your business protected from cyber attacks, data loss and theft with robust security measures from Rio.

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