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Top Software Development Trends 2019

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If you’re in business, you need to be aware of innovations and new technologies; not only that, but you need to be willing to implement them if you want to thrive in your industry. No business can resist change, especially where software and IT is concerned. If you don’t have the latest technology, you may be falling behind.

Software design develops at a fast rate, as there is always something new being uncovered. A new design which could do what the old could but at a much faster pace, or a new design which renders the old model obsolete altogether.

It’s not only crucial for your business to keep up with the trends in order to be savvy and well-informed, but also due to the possibility that there might be a new piece of software which can do exactly the thing you’ve been looking for, and struggling to find. With new trends and developments being turned over so quickly, it’s important to always be on the lookout.

Investment in the IT industry and software development is growing with each year, and 2019 is no different.

Here are the six top software development trends of this year.

1. Artificial Intelligence

A machine which can think like the human mind is an extraordinary piece of technology; the use of Artificial Intelligence means machines can be programmed to do something which was once only exclusive to a physical person.

More and more businesses are opting for Artificial Intelligence as a means of machine learning: for example, a piece of AI can filter through a vast amount of data in a short amount of time to uncover trends and patterns among customer records, or additionally can reproduce cognitive thinking for tasks such as a technical help-desking addressing customer questions.

To use AI for tasks which would usually be reserved for a person means you can save a whole lot of time and money in your business, leaving you free to continue with other, more crucial, tasks, if a machine can do something for you.

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2. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Also referred to as Mixed Reality – which is a combination of the two – this is a piece of software you’re probably already familiar with if you’ve had a smartphone for the past few years or have been investing in the last video game technology.

People may presume that VR is only something relevant to gaming pastimes, but this isn’t the case – many businesses have incorporated Virtual Reality into their training techniques, which includes the US army and flight simulation companies. Providing a virtual experience of a particular environment offers a more thorough and realistic training experience. This can further extend to training in any capacity, whether it be an office-based business or a client-facing role. The possibilities of VR are endless.

Furthermore, Augmented Reality has become increasingly popular due to its primary use on smartphones. Many companies are hiring AR app developers to integrate this particular software into their business, and a bonus of AR compared to VR is that it doesn’t need the latest hardware updates in order to function efficiently. An example of the AR experience is the popular smartphone app, Pokémon Go.

3. Blockchain

This is software particularly famous for its use in the financial world, linked to digital currency like bitcoin and Ethereum, yet this doesn’t mean it’s reserved only for financial-related businesses. More and more companies are opting for blockchain applications, such as media and publishing, and the healthcare sector.

Blockchain offers a reliable list of records, transaction data and timestamps, which cannot be altered or tampered with. With online transactions being part and parcel of the world now, it’s crucial for growing businesses to be aware of the trends in financial transactions. Many businesses are investing more in blockchain app developers for this reason.

4. Outsourcing

The market for outsourcing software development is growing every year. More and more businesses are opting to hire outside professionals for tasks needed within the business, rather than using an in-house team. This is particularly dominant in the IT industry and can save costs and resources.

This increase in outsourcing may be due to the demands of growing developments in software and technology, with businesses needing individuals fully educated and experienced in their fields to come in and perform a particular task.

5. Cybersecurity

This is mostly a given these days. Any individual, whether business professional, student or your every-day Joe Bloggs, realises the significance of online security and maintaining safety while using a smartphone or computer.

This couldn’t be more relevant in terms of a successful and secure business. The threat to an industry’s data and software is constantly active, and companies need to invest in the best cybersecurity to ensure that their software is properly guarded.

Not only is it paramount for businesses to guard their data and software from outside threats, but also to ensure that they have the latest technology in cybersecurity which will ensure their information does not get lost or corrupted. Many businesses employ custom software developers to create a programme tailored for the best security.

6. Low Code Development and Code Quality

Web and software development companies make it their business to use coding when it comes to their technology. The use of low code development – essentially, the simplest building blocks – means that complex codes can be eliminated, and a more straight-forward code can be implemented.

With the elimination of complexity comes the negation of expert help, meaning individuals can comfortably run their own coding and software, and even implement a more unique system tailored for their needs. The idea of customisable software is naturally a positive one; nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that low code is always the best solution. Businesses which require a more complex structure would not be able to use a simplified code.

It’s also imperative to pay attention to the code quality within software development. Taking care to focus on the type of complexity needed for a code means your business will always run software to the optimum effect.