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Mat L

Mat L

Mat first started software development as a hobby in 2002, eventually turning professional in 2015, and joining Rio in 2019 as a full-stack developer. He is happiest when diving into software architecture, automating processes, and writing tools for developers. In his spare time, Mat likes to read, watch TV and he is currently renovating a farm in the Portuguese mountains.


Matt joined the Rio team in 2019. He is a self-taught full stack software developer with a degree in mathematics and economics. Matt’s background spans several industries including insurance, finance, education, academic research, and technical systems.


Antonio has a master’s degree in computer science and has been in the software industry for about 4 years. Originally from Croatia, he moved to the UK in 2020 and focused on web development. Currently, he is a full stack developer, and his strong suits are that he is a jack of all trades and a fast learner, so he can handle many different technologies and tech stacks. He’s an organized and curious person, and outside of work he enjoys photography and traveling.  


Ben started in IT as a self-taught coder and database administrator. Now, he works at Rio as a Business Analyst and Project Manager, helping clients get to the root of their requirements, designing a new system and procedures to meet those requirements, managing the dev team to get the system built, and finally, getting the system into the business along with training and onboarding. In his spare time, Ben likes to code and play video games, and read.


  Sam joined Rio as a software developer in 2022. He has a range of experience in areas such as machine automation, finance, field management and mobile development. Outside of work he enjoys developing and playing video games, attending gigs, kayaking and scuba diving.


Kat joined the Rio team in 2021. She has previously worked on multiple CRM systems across several industries. Kat’s background is in accounting and business analysis, and combined with an abundance of experience supporting software, she’s in a perfect position to help you develop your software solutions.


Amanda is an experienced business analyst, who has spent time working across a wealth of industries. She brings knowledge from the insurance, and manufacturing industries, along with local government. Alongside business analysis, she also has a wealth of experience in planning and implementing IT systems, and large scale project management. Amanda joined Rio in 2021, to help our clients figure out the best way to solve the problems they didn’t even realise they had!


Marjan has over a decade of experience in software development, is Microsoft Certified, has a bachelor’s degree in Computing, Informatics and Automation.