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The Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

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The Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

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In this article, we’ll take a look at how Cloud Computing can serve small businesses to yield better results. Before we look at our top 5 reasons as to why small businesses should use Cloud Computing, let’s find out what it is… What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is a form of technology that allows you to gain access to your business data and applications from anywhere at any time from any modern mobile device, such as Apple/Android tablets and smartphones. All your business files, data, and programs are securely stored on an external server (Cloud) that allows your employees… Read More

Data is King | Know your data, Know your Business

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One of the key components of a business is to know what the client is looking for and how they can tailor their services to meet those needs. A crucial part of knowing all this is data collection: if you don’t have the data, then you simply don’t have the knowledge. Data collection may once have meant physically going out and meeting with people, collecting information via surveys, whether in person or over the phone, and gathering information in a long-winded manner. Technology these days, however, enables a much more efficient, speedier, and altogether more detailed collection of data, and… Read More