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Software Project Rescue

Overcoming the Legacy System Headache

Software Project RescueTake into consideration some of the legacy system challenges larger companies have to face… It’s estimated that up to 75% of the IT budgets of well-established banks and insurance companies in the UK are consumed maintaining applications and existing systems. Quite frankly… That’s a lot!

In comparison, getting the support you require for your existing software – given the scale of your business – is somewhat insignificant, particularly when such a situation is so frequent in today’s business operations, making searching for a software takeover provider relatively easy.

At Rio IT, we understand that you may have a significantly important asset with no-one to support it, but that’s where we can help.

How Rio IT Can Take Over the Development of your Software

Whether you’ve fallen out of love with your previous software provider, perhaps you are less than happy with the software they are delivering, your legacy system is costing too much to maintain, or you’re facing an uncertain future with your current supplier, our experts at Rio IT can help.

By selecting us as your software takeover provider, it then becomes our job to;

  • check_circleTake over your course code
  • check_circleFix any bugs
  • check_circleAdd additional components that are missing
  • check_circleCarry on the project if it was never finished by the previous provider

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Prolonging the Lifespan of your Existing Bespoke Systems

In short, to prolong the lifespan of your existing bespoke systems, we can provide maintenance or make affordable modifications in order to meet your changing business needs. What’s more, by partnering with Rio IT, we can help to minimise your level of risk and increase ROI from your original investment. We support a variety of different technologies, including:
  • check_circle.Net (C# & VB.Net)
  • check_circleSQL Server
  • check_circleJavascript
  • check_circleASP.NET
  • check_circleObjective-C
  • check_circleApple Swift
  • check_circleHTML/CSS
  • check_circleMariaDB
  • check_circlePHP
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