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Software Development

Software Development

Delivering Unique Software Development Solutions

Software DevelopmentMeeting a need is the most common reason for businesses choosing to buy or build software. Needs tend to arise from problems, and problems are often opportunities in disguise. Whether it be an opportunity to gain a better insight to your business, to supply a better service, to gain new customers or to make more money.

Such problems can often only be resolved by using specific software solutions, due to each project being as unique as the business that requires it.

Software Development Management

That’s why Rio IT has established a tried and tested process for delivering software development projects which we tailor to your project’s specific requirements.

Our experienced software development team have learned that, regardless of the length or scale of the project, this is the most effective way of providing our clients with the best business solution whilst remaining respectful of cost and time.

Rio’s Hybrid Model; Waterfall and Agile Software Development

Rio’s hybrid model takes the flexibility of agile development and pairs it with the analysis and planning of waterfall.

By using a hybrid of waterfall and agile methodologies, we can pride ourselves on keeping project admin time and thus cost to a minimum without compromising communication, quality or delivery.

By hybridising the two, we ensure that we’ve properly understood the scope of the project, as well as the business and people that will use it.

This also allows us to document the requirements, which in turn allow for detailed cost and timescale estimates to be produced.

From which, priorities can be determined to ensure that the business’s key objectives are tackled as soon as possible whilst ensuring that all the work fits within the ‘bigger picture’.

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Our Systems Change with the Needs of your Business

Change is inevitable so when the needs of the business change, our systems are designed in such a way that they change too, but always in a controlled manner to minimise disruption. What’s more, we don’t just build software then disappear into sunset. At Rio IT, we’re here to support you long after the last line of code has been written.
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