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Minimise risk to your business with secure IT solutions and proactive prevention from Rio.

 In today’s digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to keep your business, users and data protected.


With more companies moving to cloud services and flexible remote working, these hybrid environments need more protection than ever to prevent breaches and attacks. To cover all bases, organisations should develop a comprehensive plan that includes the three components that play active roles in your company’s cybersecurity: people, processes, and technology.

  • People
    • No matter what you put in place if people don’t follow the rules, your company is still at risk. Most people don’t set out to bypass security rules, it usually happens as a consequence of a lack of training, or lack of understanding of the impact of their actions. The three main ways people can increase your risk of attack are:
      1. Clicking on suspicious links, or opening suspicious attachments on emails
      2. Not securing their passwords
      3. Not keeping up to date with their backups and system updates.
  • Processes
    • Putting processes in place means that if a cybersecurity attack occurs, referencing a well-documented process can save your company time and money and maintain your customers’ trust.
  • Technology
    • Once your framework is in place, you need to consider the tools you will use to implement your cybersecurity strategy. There are two avenues to explore when it comes to technology as a cybersecurity risk:
      1. The technology you’ll use to prevent a cybersecurity attack, such as DNS protection, antivirus software, firewalls, and malware protection
      2. The technology you use to store your company data, such as computers, smart devices, and the cloud.


What can Rio do to help?


At Rio, we can provide a complete offering of cybersecurity services that will give you peace of mind that your information, and your customers information, is safe. We partner with industry leaders to provide continually evolving services, so we can detect and contain threats before they can impact your business. We also proactively monitor and address any security concerns within your business.


Endpoint Protection


We can provide endpoint protection that covers any device that comes into contact with your company data.

Endpoint protection is more commonly referred to as anti-virus. We partner with Webroot to offer our clients a comprehensive anti-virus and anti-malware software suite that updates every 15 minutes to ensure all of your systems and devices are protected from attack.

Our anti-virus is controlled centrally to prevent users from overriding the policies set in place, and includes additional features such as website filtering, allowing you to block access to certain sites, and on-demand phishing malware protection.

Our anti-virus is perfectly paired with our email security offering, which helps prevent phishing attacks from ever reaching your users’ inbox, as well as conveniently reducing junk emails, allowing you to focus on processing email communications more efficiently.


 Password Protection


Help to keep all your users’ passwords secure by using Rio’s managed password database.

Most services require a set of credentials to log in, so passwords are often reused, easy to guess or never changed, which leads to insecure passwords. An insecure password is often the first, and sometimes the only, step to accessing sensitive company data. Passwords should always be unique, difficult to guess and changed regularly, however trying to remember what password you’ve used and where can be very difficult, so storing them securely becomes a requirement.

Our password management system puts security first to ensure only authorised users have access to the password combinations. This is achieved using granular security filtering and alerting systems. Access to passwords is protected by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), requiring an additional, dynamic access code for entry. As well as keeping password data stored securely, our password management tool includes auditing and reporting functionality, allowing quick and easy analysis of when passwords were accessed, where from, when they were last changed and password history.

You can find our guide to creating a strong password here and test the strength of your password here.


Cybersecurity Strategy


Here at Rio, we can use our industry knowledge and experience to help you form a cybersecurity strategy and identify where there are potential weaknesses.

To be able to make use of the cybersecurity services we provide, a strategy must be in place, to outline the processes of how relevant parties are to access company data, whether they are internal staff members or external third parties.

We can help you develop strategies around the following elements:

  • Data access, such as identity-based access
  • Password security, including password management systems
  • Security awareness, such as identifying phishing attacks
  • Physical security, including access entry and monitoring systems

We can also provide user awareness training to help your users understand the different types of phishing attacks currently circulating.


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