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Data Analytics

Transforming your Data into Actionable, Cost-Saving Insights

Data AnalyticsAsk any business and you’ll find that just like you, data analysis is a major part of their operations. Such insight can help to resolve many common business challenges, from; preserving positive cash flow, reducing risk, and simply keeping up with the rate of business change.

With the efficient and effective use of data, you can take the guesswork out of your business development activities and gain a better insight into your business performance.

Did you know that an average of 80% of a company’s data is either duplicate, surplus, outdated or insignificant? At Rio IT, we can help you to transform your unstructured data into actionable, cost-saving insights.

Need Help Maintaining your Data Management Capability?

With multiple channels to capture data, you’re likely to collect duplicate informationRio IT recognise that handling data can be testing and can help to eliminate duplication
Add to the mix the difficulty of creating a visual representation of data that’s understandable to an audienceRio IT can help to format captured data in a clear and logical way
Furthermore, as data grows in volume each day, you’ll need a scalable system equipped with the architecture and technology that can support your data analytics processes.Rio IT can offer you this very system with our cloud capabilities. As AWS partners, we can build scalable storage and data processing solutions to help support your data analytics.

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Gaining New Intelligence to Make Better Business Decisions

If you are unsure what data your business holds, we can help you to uncover the most valuable information across your organisation. And by gaining the intelligence you need based on factual insights, your business will be in a far stronger position to make successful and strategic decisions. For further details on how Rio IT can offer insight to help grow your business, contact our friendly team today on 01206 235 000.
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