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A good communications system lets you handle calls quickly and efficiently, collaborate with colleagues and provide great customer service.

Are you tired of unreliable, expensive, and poor-quality communications?


At Rio, we can help you design and install a communications system based on your requirements, using various technologies to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for your business needs.

EmailTeams Video Conferencing
Email is the top communication tool for business, which means it’s key to have an efficient email system.
Exchange Online gives your users access to emails, contacts, calendars, contacts and tasks, and integration with Outlook means your users will enjoy a familiar email experience, with offline access.
  Encourage effective collaboration with Microsoft Teams. Integration with OneDrive allows for easy, real-time collaboration on documents and reports, regardless of where employees are located, instant messaging keeps everyone connected quickly, and video conferencing allows you to easily hold meetings with employees and clients, no matter where in the world they’re located.


VoIP Telephone Systems
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and allows you to make low-cost phone calls anywhere in the world, using your internet connection instead of a traditional landline. By 2025, BT plans to have phased out all PSTN and ISDN landlines in favour of internet-based phones. We can help you get everything in place to make this transition as easy as possible.

Moving to VoIP has many benefits:

  • Calls are cheaper and of higher quality.
  • General overheads are reduced by moving all voice and data transmissions to one internet line.
  • All your existing phone numbers can be easily ported across.
  • Phones can be easily moved across the office, or between offices.
  • There is a handy mobile app, allowing employees to make calls or send text messages from your company numbers using their mobile phones.
  • There is also a desktop app, allowing calls to be made to and from PCs and laptops.
  • Easy audio conferencing.
We can also set up features such as:

  • Scheduled off time, so your phones won’t ring when your office is closed.
  • Menu-based IVR systems, to help point callers in the right direction.
  • Call recording.
  • Ring groups.


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