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Data Analytics

Ask any business and you’ll find that just like you, data analysis is a major part of their operations. Such insight can help to resolve many common business challenges, from; preserving positive cash flow, reducing risk, and simply keeping up with the rate of business change. With the efficient and effective use of data, you can take the guesswork out of your business development activities and gain a better insight into your business performance. Did you know that an average of 80% of a company’s data is either duplicate, surplus, outdated or insignificant? At Rio IT, we can help you… Read More


Are you tired of unreliable, expensive and poor quality telephony? We can design and install a phone system based on your requirements using a range of different technologies to deliver the most cost effective solution for your business needs. VOIP (Voice Over IP) / Telephone Systems check_circleLower costs, by moving all your communications – voice and data – to a single manageable network. check_circleIf you have a fast internet connection you can take advantage of the crystal clear quality of HD calls. ISDN and Analogue Lines check_circleReliable lines if VOIP is not a possibility at your location Managed Phone Systems… Read More

Web Hosting

Business-grade web hosting Shared web hosting is often unreliable and insecure, making it unsuitable for the hosting of professional business websites. We offer dedicated web hosting which is competitive, fast and secure. For larger or international websites, we can offer load balancing across multiple web servers, in multiple geographic locations, ensuring your website runs smoothly no matter how many or where your customers are accessing it from. DNS Management check_circleManage DNS records for your domain, e.g. ensuring email gets delivered and your website remains online. Domain names check_circleWe can procure and provision domain names for your business to ensure you… Read More


Mobile Device Management Software This software allows your workforce to use mobile devices while ensuring security and other company policies are enforced. Our mobile device management software offers key features such as: check_circleDelivering software check_circleAllows you to standardise apps (so users can’t install/uninstall apps) check_circleTrack devices – to help prevent loss and theft check_circleRemotely wipe data – in case lost or stolen check_circleApply policies check_circleEncrypt documents check_circleAudit trail of applications used, who accessed files, when, where and what   Bring your own device (B.Y.O.D) Allows your employees to bring their own device, which reduces your capital cost of having to… Read More

Office 365 Solutions

Office 365 – Your Office in the Cloud Office 365 brings you a number of benefits due to its cloud credentials, such as accessing your favourite office programs from anywhere, using real time collaboration, simple licensing and free software updates and upgrades bringing new features – all for a predictable monthly cost. When it comes to security and reliability, these aspects are taken care of by Microsoft, giving your staff more time to focus on other area. Office 365 is also compliant with a number of standards, including ISO 27001, and is compatible with a wide range of operating systems.

IT Engineering

Systems Architecture & Improvements Do you suffer from issues with speed, reliability or resilience? We can design and implement a futureproof IT environment, ensuring industry best practices are followed. This prolongs the time between requiring major upgrades to your IT, and allows you to operate in compliance with standards such as PCI DSS and ISO. A fast, reliable and resilient environment prevents or minimises the risk of costly business interruptions, and allows you to work efficiently. Project Planning & Management We manage projects to ITIL and Prince2 standards to ensure that projects are delivered on-time, and within scope and budget…. Read More