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Data Analytics

 Ask any business and you’ll find data analysis is a major part of their operations.   Insights provided by data analytics software can help resolve many business challenges, from preserving positive cash flow and reducing risks, to simply keeping up with the rate of business change. With efficient and effective use of your data, you can take the guesswork out of your business development activities, and gain better insight into your business performance. Maintaining your data management capability presents a unique range of challenges. 80% of business data is either duplicated, outdated, or simply irrelevant. You also need to create… Read More


Are you tired of unreliable, expensive, and poor-quality communications?   At Rio, we can help you design and install a communications system based on your requirements, using various technologies to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for your business needs. Email Teams Video Conferencing Email is the top communication tool for business, which means it’s key to have an efficient email system. Exchange Online gives your users access to emails, contacts, calendars, contacts and tasks, and integration with Outlook means your users will enjoy a familiar email experience, with offline access.   Encourage effective collaboration with Microsoft Teams. Integration with OneDrive… Read More

Web Hosting

Business-grade web hosting Shared web hosting is often unreliable and insecure, making it unsuitable for the hosting of professional business websites. We offer dedicated web hosting which is competitive, fast and secure. For larger or international websites, we can offer load balancing across multiple web servers, in multiple geographic locations, ensuring your website runs smoothly no matter how many or where your customers are accessing it from. DNS Management check_circleManage DNS records for your domain, e.g. ensuring email gets delivered and your website remains online. Domain names check_circleWe can procure and provision domain names for your business to ensure you… Read More

Microsoft 365 Solutions

Microsoft 365 – Your Office in the Cloud Efficiency is key to the smooth running of every business. The ability to seamlessly create, collaborate and communicate can make any business more efficient.Microsoft 365 gives your users access to tools that enable people to do their jobs easily, from anywhere. Because everything is cloud-based, all your apps and documents can be accessed on any device, from anywhere you have an internet connection. This flexibility is ideal, as more and more people move towards remote working. Documents can be collaborated on in real-time, making co-authoring of documents easier and allowing you to… Read More