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Legal and Compliance

Legal and Compliance

PCI DSS We can ensure that your environment is PCI DSS compliant to enable online payments using credit and debit cards. This allows for smooth running of your ecommerce environment. Penetration Testing Perform penetration testing to ensure your environment is appropriately locked down and secure. Data Protection Act We can analyse your business and ensure you’re complying with the Data Protection Act.


 In today’s digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to keep your business, users and data protected.   With more companies moving to cloud services and flexible remote working, these hybrid environments need more protection than ever to prevent breaches and attacks. To cover all bases, organisations should develop a comprehensive plan that includes the three components that play active roles in your company’s cybersecurity: people, processes, and technology. People No matter what you put in place if people don’t follow the rules, your company is still at risk. Most people don’t set out to bypass security rules, it usually… Read More

Data Backup & Archiving

Are you worried about your backup solutions? We offer a range of backup solutions depending on your requirements. Archiving check_circleLong-term data storage generally needed for legal or business purposes. Backup methods check_circleReal-time backup – allows for a small recovery point objective (e.g. go back to a point 5 mins ago) check_circleDaily backups – a full backup of all data check_circleBackup images of virtual servers and servers – a snapshot of the entire server

IT In The Cloud

The Cloud is Scalable, Reliable, Secure and Cost-effective “Cloud computing” is the on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. The cloud is a collection of hardware and systems. You buy a portion of these resources, allowing for flexible and responsive IT – the typical IT problems and costs become a thing of the past. The last few years has seen the world continue its massive shift to cloud services, with nearly two-thirds (63%) of UK firms planning to migrate their entire IT estate into the cloud (source: Computer Weekly, Feb 2016). The flexibility, scalability and TCO… Read More

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Planning (including Disaster Recovery) A mistake often made by businesses, is thinking that a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is all they need. DRP deals with recovering your IT, and is only one part of Business Continuity Planning (BCP). The difference is best expressed as questions – can you answer both? If you lost your IT systems, can you get them back? If you lost your building, do you have procedures in place for how to recommence your business? 80% of business affected by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months. (Source: AXA Plc., 2007)…. Read More