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New Year, New IT, Or At Least Time To Review It!

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As it’s the beginning of a new year, it is the perfect opportunity to review your business. An important asset to revise is your IT system. Are you up to date with existing IT trends, I.E. Cloud, Saas and Mobile Networking? If you can identify problems with your integrated IT system, this could be preventing your business from growing.

No matter the size of your business, IT is a vital and integral part of your communication and productivity flow. Therefore, a new IT System provider could be the right step for you. By utilising IT to its full potential, you will provide your business with an innovative data management solution which will help to improve your work efficiency.

Importance Of Reviewing Your IT System

Technology is constantly changing and businesses themselves are also evolving, so it’s important to keep reviewing what you have. This ensures that both the IT you have, and the requirements of the business are still in alignment. If you integrated your IT system a couple of years ago, it may not be a good fit now.

For example, it used to be the case that businesses ran their applications on ‘in-house’ servers, but now providers are increasingly hosting the applications (facilitated by better broadband). This means that we are seeing increasingly common situations where there is no need to have an ‘in-house’ server.

This approach, combined with programs like Office 365, also facilitates secure mobile working which businesses increasingly value.

What Are The Benefits Of New IT?

There are plenty of benefits with upgrading your business IT system. Even the simplest of technology integrations can help businesses perform more efficiently. If you are looking to protect your business, increase productivity and reduce costs, now is the time to consider a new IT solution.

An integrated IT system has everything you need to revolutionise your business. It is an essential tool for managing communication and protecting your business data. They are designed to simplify the process of delivering information and allow tasks to be carried out more effectively.

How Can An IT System Assist Your Business?

Increased Productivity

IT systems are built with advanced features to maximise the productivity of your business. These features reduce business costs by automating business operations and processes. One of the benefits of automated operations is that it allows more tasks to be carried out remotely, without the need for travel or presence at the workplace.

For example, integrated IT systems allow businesses to handle different software development and apps. In return, businesses can then implement a computerised maintenance management solution. This protects businesses from spam in business emails and avoids data breach.

Advanced Software & Apps

When it comes to an integrated IT system, employees are able work more flexibly by utilising more advanced software and apps. This enables them to obtain required information on personal devices and complete work even from their homes. This increases overall productivity and boosts business revenue.

From ‘Cloud Computing’ to saving files locally, data storage is another type of IT system resource. An IT system delivers a reliable data storage solution which enables businesses to access their data from any location. This helps businesses to reduce downtime and ensure business continuity.


In addition, IT systems are able to help employees work more efficiently and minimise the risk of costly business interruptions. Advanced technology also improves communication between employees and clients. For example, real-time video conferencing is a trend most businesses are implementing to support internal and external communications.

Cloud telephony is an essential IT tool to attaining business success. This type of cloud-based communication system allows your staff to interact with customers and colleagues through their chosen device. It provides multiple communication methods including voice, email, chat and video.


A fully integrated IT system is a good way to reduce your business costs more effectively. Another benefit of IT is that the cost of upgrades may be included in your contract, which will save budget on additional costs for new features.

A reliable IT solution promotes streamline business operations for reduced downtime costs. Business IT systems are able to help save costs through automation changes, allowing employees to work from any location while accessing information through their preferred device.

This increased mobility and flexibility is important for tasks that require quicker turnarounds for completion. If a project can be completed more efficiently, this will lead to increased ROI for the business.

How Rio IT Can Help Your Business

From IT support to software development, Rio IT provides a whole host of management and maintenance solutions to help you maximise the benefits from your business IT system. Our professionals have experience dealing with all types of IT infrastructure, problems and solutions to boost your business efficiency.

We are able to complete everything from system integration, ERP and more to allow you to automate your processes and operate more profitably. The customers we work with tend to be local SMEs who require additional IT skills and resources to improve their productivity.

If you’re looking to grow your business with managed IT support, Rio IT are here to help you. You can rest assured that your business is in safe hands with our highly qualified IT engineers. Our team are incredibly knowledgeable and are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

For more information about our IT services, please get in touch on 01206 235000 or email us at We’d love to speak with you about how we can help your business grow.