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We offer you a unique view of your business. Our '3S' methodology goes beyond IT.

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So, what is ‘3S’? We use this term to reflect a 3-way synergy of the key aspects involved in ensuring you have the best IT capability for your business. These aspects are…

Methodology - Strategy


Where is your business at right now? What do you want it to achieve? How do you plan to get there? (And many more similar questions...). Your business is unique, and your specific IT capability must be aligned with the strategic direction you are following.


The only part of your IT capability which really adds direct value to your business is the software set. But, is it providing ROI? Is it making you as efficient as possible? We ensure that the combined software platforms in use in your business are aligned with the business strategy and that they deliver the expected results.
Methodology - Software
Methodology - Systems


The infrastructure needed to run your software set. Is your current infrastructure allowing your software to run at maximum efficiency? Is your data properly protected? Do you have a support framework to manage risk? Are you using infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to minimise capital investment and free up business cash flow? We make sure that this is the case.

How do strategy, systems and software interrelate?

The key point to understand is that the relationship is not a simple top down stack. Technology is fast moving and the emerging improvements in systems and software can also significantly influence and shape the business strategy and direction. As the demand from and opportunities in your marketplace change – are the software and systems in use changing quickly and cost effectively to meet the business need? Are software options available that can enable changes to the business strategy or that require different infrastructure solutions? Are there advances in infrastructure technology that can reduce your operational expenses, improve your agility, increase efficiency or enable changes to the business strategy? Each of the 3 separate aspects can get input from and provide input to the others. Leveraging this constantly evolving inter-relationship allows you to maximise the business advantage which IT can deliver. We call our methodology '3S', it’s designed to deliver business advantage to you and it’s this approach to IT in your business which makes us unique. This is what partnering with Rio is really about.
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