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Phishing Scams: Could you recognise one?


How Secure Are Your Passwords?

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Basic password compromises make up the largest percentage of security compromises that result in financial or reputational damage. In a 2020 study, 81% of breaches stemmed from a stolen or weak password. In 2021 it was estimated that over 800,000 passwords could be stolen per year. With the average cost of a data breach rising to £3.2 million last year, it’s more important than ever to audit your password security. How Do I Keep My Passwords Secure? Use longer passwords, containing symbols. The advice that you should use upper- and lower-case letters, along with numbers, to create a secure password… Read More

What is Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing?

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Did you know that almost a million UK businesses do not backup their company data properly? Data loss is a major problem for businesses of all sizes.  There are no boundaries of data loss. It can happen to any type of business and often results in serious consequences, from financial damage to significant downtime. Data loss is typically influenced by the way a business saves, stores and handles their information. The two most common factors of data loss are hardware failure and human error.  By moving to The Cloud, you will be able to improve the security of your data… Read More

New Year, New IT, Or At Least Time To Review It!

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As it’s the beginning of a new year, it is the perfect opportunity to review your business. An important asset to revise is your IT system. Are you up to date with existing IT trends, I.E. Cloud, Saas and Mobile Networking? If you can identify problems with your integrated IT system, this could be preventing your business from growing. No matter the size of your business, IT is a vital and integral part of your communication and productivity flow. Therefore, a new IT System provider could be the right step for you. By utilising IT to its full potential, you… Read More

The Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

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In this article, we’ll take a look at how Cloud Computing can serve small businesses to yield better results. Before we look at our top 5 reasons as to why small businesses should use Cloud Computing, let’s find out what it is… What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is a form of technology that allows you to gain access to your business data and applications from anywhere at any time from any modern mobile device, such as Apple/Android tablets and smartphones. All your business files, data, and programs are securely stored on an external server (Cloud) that allows your employees… Read More

Why Is It Important To Keep Up With New Technologies?

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A business that doesn’t innovate dies. It gets replaced with a company that has adapted, or one that has disrupted the entire industry. This doesn’t mean you need to update your storefront or change the history and heritage of your business. It means improving its processes. When technology is used correctly, it is invisible. It is seamless. Customers use it intuitively, and it only enhances the experience rather than being the entire experience. There are exceptions, of course: companies can base their entire business model on being high tech and modern, but these are the businesses that are already keeping… Read More

The Importance Of Structured Cabling Systems

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We all rely on structured cabling systems, whether we know it or not. Where we live, work, and shop, there exists a vast network of wiring and cables hidden in the background. These cabling systems are there to support data transfer, phone lines, and communications. They are what connects us to the world around us. Most importantly, they do so without the downtime and interruption of alternative, ad hoc solutions. That makes structured cabling systems one of the most important tools for networking communication that we have. For business operations, this is a critical factor. As more people go online,… Read More

Everything you need to know about Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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The benefits of the Cloud for businesses are endless, which is why it is no wonder that 74% of tech chief financial officers that were polled by Forbes in 2017 claimed they saw a huge impact on their business after switching to the Cloud. The industry is huge, and it is still growing. It is also becoming more accessible for all types of businesses. Due to its flexibility, small and enterprise-sized companies alike can benefit from using the Cloud. The only question is which company to choose. For businesses, one of the best and most comprehensive options is Amazon Web… Read More

Top Software Development Trends 2019

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If you’re in business, you need to be aware of innovations and new technologies; not only that, but you need to be willing to implement them if you want to thrive in your industry. No business can resist change, especially where software and IT is concerned. If you don’t have the latest technology, you may be falling behind. Software design develops at a fast rate, as there is always something new being uncovered. A new design which could do what the old could but at a much faster pace, or a new design which renders the old model obsolete altogether…. Read More

Data is King | Know your data, Know your Business

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One of the key components of a business is to know what the client is looking for and how they can tailor their services to meet those needs. A crucial part of knowing all this is data collection: if you don’t have the data, then you simply don’t have the knowledge. Data collection may once have meant physically going out and meeting with people, collecting information via surveys, whether in person or over the phone, and gathering information in a long-winded manner. Technology these days, however, enables a much more efficient, speedier, and altogether more detailed collection of data, and… Read More