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Boost Business Productivity with the Right IT Software

Boost Business Productivity with the Right IT Software

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Does your Company Suffer from Poor Productivity?

Since 2006, the rate of growth of productivity has fallen worldwide, particularly in the UK, which means Britain’s businesses need new strategies to help recapture employee output per hour.

According to recent research by incentive expert Red Letter Days for Business, UK employees spend more than a staggering 4.4 million days every year on ‘time wasting tasks’. Their ‘Productivity in the Workplace’ report conveyed that employees consider ‘better technology’ to be one of the biggest attributes in boosting productivity at work.

In this article we will discuss how implementing the right IT software can help improve employee output per hour and in-turn help to increase productivity within your business.

Is your Business Software Stifling your Growth?

  • Complicated Software

Complicated software can mean your workforce refusing to use it as it makes the job harder. This may be because it’s time-consuming to use or complicated to learn, or if may be difficult for colleagues to navigate their way around it.

Solution: Intuitive Software

The need for employee motivation is essential, and the use of technologies and systems that greatly help employees in doing their work more efficiently is crucial to your business.

Aim to find good business software that requires little to no training, with an intuitive design and ease-of-use. Doing so will prove fundamental to your company’s productivity levels a few months down the line.

  • Deficient Software

If your company employs more people in its administration functions for tasks such as filling out paper forms, completing numerous spreadsheets or even ‘cutting & pasting’ data between applications, then your software is lacking and ultimately could stifle the growth of your business.

Solution: Software Automation

Business processes that are undertaken manually will benefit from software automation as it delivers greater capacity, consistency, and cost reduction. Delivering productivity is all about speeding up processes, and software automation helps to achieve that.

  • Off-the-Shelf Software

A lot of off-the-shelf packages cannot be tailored to a business, there are however a good few that can be. The best of these however tend to have enterprise level pricing and support structures, require customisations to be done by specialised 3rd party consultancies and have more expensive upgrade processes as the customisations often need to be recreated.

Solution: Bespoke Business Software

Bespoke business software is about having a software package that’s built to meet your business needs rather than potentially being made to fit afterwards. It’s similar to gaining a suit made by a tailor that takes the time to understand your style and shape, versus buying one from Marks & Spencer. Or to put it another way, aside from franchises, you don’t run an off-the-shelf business so why would you run your business with off-the-shelf software?

With bespoke business software you can gain functionality that allows you to operate more efficiently and systematically. Software development that’s uniquely built to fit the needs of your business allows you to directly address your strategic goals, because it allows your unique business needs to be fully realised, improving visibility, reporting, collaboration and automation for greater productivity and profitability.

Why not opt for bespoke mobile applications too? Bespoke mobile apps allow you to benefit from improved productivity and engagement of field staff. With a bespoke app, your business can achieve real time updates from field staff, and massively improve admin process times so that field staff can spend more time in the field rather than at home filling in forms and spreadsheets.

Reaching your Strategic Goals

At Rio IT, we understand that the only part of your IT capability which really adds direct value to your business is the software set. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help boost your business productivity?